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Salon i Serwis Instrumentów Dętych
Piotr Śmietana
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About us

Salon i Serwis Instrumentów Dętych was founded in 1995 by Mr. Piotr Śmietana. At the beginning we have been repairing only clarinets but experience and knowledge that we gained during many trainings in factories (Buffet Crampon, Keilwerth, Selmer, Mateki, Marigaux) allowed us to expand our offer on all wind instruments (brass and woodwind). Our staff is constantly developing their skills and knowledge about building and repairing instruments, also about materials which instrument are made from, and about contemporary technologies for repairing instruments.

Besides experience and knowledge to repair instruments there are special tools needed, so together with developing our skills we are constantly making investments in our workshop. At present we are fully equipped with tools which are necessary to guarantee the highest quality of our services. Also materials that we use (corks, felts, pads etc.) are of the highest quality.

•We are able to repair every instrument even if it is very damaged. 
•We repair instruments after falls, after accidents, broken keys etc.
•We tune up instruments, eliminate buzzes, make additional keys etc.

The highest quality of our services is proofed by service certificates and authorizations from: Buffet Crampon, Keilwerth, Schreiber, Selmer, Mateki